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Core Technology

Core Technology

Precision forging

Based on precision forging technology, Puze can forge complex structural shapes which require only little after-process or even no further process to produce workpieces that are very close to the bulk production. PUZE can provide precision gears, splines, internal splines curved surfaces up to 8 level of precision forging with the between Φ5~Φ110, and the precision can be controlled within 0.02mm.



Processing range


Precision controllable range





PUZE has varieties of high precision equipments which have multiple functions, covers all of the machining field. The machining precision can be controlled within 0.002mm and can provide products from tens of grams to tens of kilograms which mainly used on traditional engine and new energy vehicles industry.




Heat treatment

Puze has scaled heat treatment equipments and based on Germany Ipsen equipments and Japanese technology, the advanced heat treatment process, PUZE has its own advantages in controlling the products from deforming and to control the precision.




RO booster pump

Puze never stop to improve the process of booster pump and to optimize the pump structural, in order to achieve lower noise and smaller vibration while satisfied the working flow.